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Katharine Betteridge - Artist

Harvard Square (4"x4")

Harvard Square (4"x4")

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Watercolor on hand cut Arches paper. 4"x4". 2022.


Painted using Creative Circle Fan Pan watercolor on hand-cut Arches Gran Fin Cold Pressed 140lb watercolor paper.

Shipping & Returns

Painting are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and typically arrive within 2-3 business days.

A 115% return-refund guarantee is included. If you aren't satisfied with the final piece, just send the painting back and I will refund you the purchase price + tax price + cost of shipping.


Paintings are roughly 4"x4" on hand-cut watercolor paper. This includes about half an inch border of white space left on each side to 'frame' the image.

Care Instructions

Keep paintings on paper away from moisture, direct sunlight (sun hitting the painting). Oil or debris on your fingers can mark the paper so hold by the edges wherever possible. Left unframed, paintings can safely be leaned against objects on a shelf or desk. Paintings can also be framed under glass and hung on the wall.

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About the Series

We all have places of significance in our lives. Our photo reels and Instagram feeds are full of them. They remind us of where we came from and the experiences that made us who we are today. Thinking about them provide a sense of anchoring calm as we move towards the future.

I paint from these photographs to turn the memory into a more tangible souvenir... or a talisman... or maybe a modern day reliquary.

  • Shipping is included

    Shipping is included with all commissions. All orders are tracked, shipped, and insured via USPS Priority Mail. Local pickup is also available.

  • 115% Refund Guarantee

    A 115% return-refund guarantee is included with all purchases. If you aren't satisfied, just send the painting back and I will refund you the purchase price + tax price + cost of shipping.